Hi guys. This is an interactive offer of coins
We do not want to charge the price for a token. We want you to define it for us.
Product Development
There is a plan for development and enhancing the following feature of the product:
  • Usage of the Google Vision for automated recognition of places where the displays are installed and its surroundings. Here we aim to automate the process of collecting the images and train AI platform for automatic detection the type of the business (cafe, shop, barbershop, etc.).

  • Usage of the Google Speech for organising the automated support service for our clients.

  • Improvements of usability and interface of the Advertiser account.

  • Implementation of interactive advertisement for smartphones located near a screen with our advertisement App.


Buy cheaper, sell everywhere
The third round will begin in August.
We have just completed the second round of the ICO. We'll see you in the third round.
A letter with the address of the contract and the interface just sent to you
We have just completed the first round of the ICO. We sold 1'000'000 4TH tokens (1% of total) and collected 100.04949063 Ether. We'll see you in the second round. Everyone can transfer Ether to the address of the Smart Contract and on a daily basis can trace the amount of Ether which is submitted for the declared amount of tokens

DOOH advertising

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is the term for outdoor and indoor digital advertisement
In a Classic Solution for digital ads; all monitors belong to a few number of advertising companies; placing ad may involve a large number of agents, the pricing is monopolized and doesn’t correlate to a real CPM (or any other analogue of real price you’d like to use); all this factors make the price go too hight. So less people less people get access to their monitor system. Moreover, in many cases they need to do updates manually, for each monitor; needing some professional to visit every place and screen, with a USB flash every week.
DOOH advertising

New solution model

Real Time Bidding DOOH on Android
What we have developed is the solution with the app, which can be installed on any Android TV or can be run on Android dongle, connected to any HD TV set. In addition to this we have developed an Control Panel which is providing RTB (Real Time Bidding) for each screen, along with enhanced management of date, time and budget of ad company, with detalization for city, region or exact screen(s) and all the banners are loading online, without necessity to visit each monitor in person.

Income of a company will be based on a commission from each payment for advertisement. This commission it the base for paying salaries, dividends and other spends of DAO.
Get Your Android TV

AI and Cloud Services

We have harnessed the entire range of Google's powerful technologies to bring efficiency, convenience and simplicity to our customers.
Firebase Maps Geocoding API
Google Cloud Platform Maps Geolocation API
Play Developers Console Maps JavaScript API
Search Console Places API Web Service
Compute Engine API Places API for Android
Cloud Storage Cloud Datapro Control API
Cloud Storage JSON API Cloud Vision API
Cloud Speech API Identity Toolkit API
Proximity Beacon API Google Analytics
Mobile Crash Reporting API Eddystone
TensorFlow DialogFlow

AI and Cloud Services

Smart Contract - DAO

The Ethereum ecosystem enables the creation of a Smart Contract that allows the automatic implementation and execution of contract terms for regulating processes and relations among all entities in the organization. In particular, Smart Contracts can be coded for distributing shares among investors, for establishing voting rules and rights, and for calculating dividends.
The DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization based on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, we can leverage blockchain technology by writing scripts to define the following rules and procedures for the smooth functioning of our organization:
  • Rules of selecting the Acting Administrator (AA) of the Company.

  • Rules for selecting any controlling groups, such as an Advisory Board.

  • Rules for spending coins on salaries, when a variable is assigned to the wallet of an employee.

  • Rules for approving the decision of the AA for spending coins on tactical tasks, or the decision of the Advisory Group to allocate coins for implementing strategic plans.

Finally, a DAO obviates the need for corporate registration in any country, thereby eliminating the entire class of accountants, lawyers and other intermediaries that any company has to retain to remain operative. Instead of having to maintain registration papers and regularly file tax reports, we can now use a Smart Contract, governed by plain logic and transparent rules, to describe the rights and responsibilities of all parties. All these operational cost benefits enhance the value of the corporation. Since, we, as a Company, deal only with Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens, we bear no tax liabilities in any part of the globe. This is one extraordinary benefit for companies whose entire life cycle is limited to the blockchain and Ethereum ecosystem. It must be mentioned here, that if any participant wants to convert ETH or ETH-based tokens to any existing fiat currency (such operations at present face restrictions in most countries), he may do so as a corporate or physical entity and face tax obligations. However, this income is regarded as having been incurred by a 3PP (third-party product) and has no relation to the company itself.

It’s important to understand that the value of tokens are based on Ethereum contracts and hard-coded into the life of the corporation – they can never be amended or updated. Voting by a majority of investors can only affect to operational procedures of the DAO.

Smart Contract

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A new generation of companies based on the Ethereum blockchain

Pay with Ether and Dust

In order to have DAO and equal pricing around the World, we have implemented Ethereum based Token as the payment for ad. This Token we have called - Dust.

Dust has a fixed price of 0.001 ETH, and from sell buy point of view it’s almost similar to Ether itself, but with some additional benefits for us, as a company:

  • Exchange Dust to ETH is possible with 5% commission, thus we promote spending of all purchased Dust to advertisement in our DOOH Ads network.

  • We have an ability to generate Dust ourselves, as a company and thus we have the possibility for launch of various marketing and promo actions, when we give away Dust for free, without purchase using Ether.

Dust will be the only currency which is accepted for payment and which will be paid to screen owners and the commission for our company will be paid in Dust too.

No need to convert one currency from another or calculate KPI in many currencies. Advertiser just get ETH in any convenient way and then can use plain ad companies all around the world.

Pay with Ether and Dust

Extending the frontiers of DAO

We have included special features in the smart contract to enhance the functionality and attractiveness of our DAO. The following innovations make our company stand out from a typical DAO:
The Supervisory Group
The Supervisory Group

The creation of a Supervisory Board that will comprise 3 publicly-elected minority investors (holding shares of less than 1% of company equity) who are not employees of the company. Their responsibility will be to interact with major investors and AA and ensure that the opinions of minority investors are heeded during decision-making.
My last wish

The function of Inheritance, when the owner of tokens proclaim some wallet to which should be transferred his/her tokens, in case of inactivity for 6 months or more. Inactivity means the absence of the following actions - claiming monthly dividends, participation in voting, sell/buy tokens. If such 6 months inactivity happened, then owner of the proclaimed wallet can enter the contract, select the option “Get My Inheritance” and transfer tokens to his/her wallet.

A Pension Fund has also been encoded in the DAO with the following parameters: any employee, registered in the DAO as a recipient of salary for 10 successive years, is entitled to a monthly pension from the first month following this qualification period. The amount of pension will be a percentage (for example, 10%) of his/her salary for the last working month. Pension will be paid out in ETH, and will be sourced from the monthly income of the DAO, and not the token price. If, however, the income of the DAO in any particular month is less than a threshold amount (for example, less than 1.5 x of total salaries for current employees), no pension disbursements will be made for that month.
Stock Option
Exchange and Stock

The rules for being awarded a stock option and selling tokens back to the DAO or to a DAO-managed exchange have been programmed in our. However, there is a binding principle that any such token must be first offered to the current holders, and only upon their rejection of the asked price, be made available at a public exchange.


Real - time bidding on ICO
Real Time Bidding on the Interactive Coin Offering
Unlike a traditional equity distribution event in the stock market, where potential investors can estimate the market valuation of a company based on existing and future revenue streams, it is difficult to make accurate valuations for tokens that are being distributed for the first time.

We have chosen Real Time Bidding for the ICO, a strategy that we believe will give a fair deal to the buyer and fulfill the fundraising goals of the issuer.
The minimum price for 4TH (ERC20 Token Nothing) is 0.0001 ETH
How to buy or sell DUST?
Buy&Sale DUST
Dust will be the only currency which is accepted for payment and which will be paid to screen owners and the commission for our company will be paid in Dust too.
1 DUST = 0.001 ETH

About us in digits

We probably are already incredibly cool, but we do not know about it yet.
displays connected in the World
>30 000
locations are analyzed in the World.
Each display connection allows us
to find out information about at least 20 new places
~10 000
man-hours it took us
to create this product

DOOH ADS History

A Short History of Fairy Tale
2014 April
The idea began to emerge ✅
The service was required by analogy with Google Adwords and Adsense only for outdoor advertising. A few months of searching did not lead to anything.
2014 September
The first partners
There were the first partners ready to invest in money
2014 October
The first employee
The first employee is hired. He received a share and a salary. We received a database specialist.
2014 November
The structure of the Database was invented and developed
The structure of the Database was developed. I had to watch how it was done in Google AdWords. At the moment, there is very little left from the original database, because in the process we repeatedly came to the conclusion that we are moving in the wrong direction.
2014 December
Smart TV
Third-party developers were brought in to quickly make the first version of the application for Samsung TVs. We lost only one month, but we realized that further to continue making applications for Smart TV does not make sense.
2015 January
Employee number 2
We hired an application development specialist. After the experiment with Smart TV, he rewrote the program under the Android TV platform, this application is still working, and is updated about once a week.
2015 April
Employee number 3
A specialist in CMS Bitrix was hired. He is engaged in the creation of the personal profile, information input-output, statistics, integration with payment systems, data exchange with the database, Administrator Control Panel.
2015 September
Microsoft BizSpark
We entered the Microsoft BizSpark program and received a grant for three years. We had to transfer part of the virtual machines from the Google Cloud Platform to MS Azure. We bought the domain DOOH.XYZ
2015 September
Employee number 4
Despite the fact that in Microsoft we were promised that everything is easy and simple for them, we could not integrate Bitrix into Azure in 10 days. Moreover, even Microsoft employees could not help us. We had to hire a specialist for setting up Virtual Machines. He continues to work with us.
2015 December
We created a public part of our project - a website dooh.xyz in Russian and in English.
There we describe our project, we post news on the topic, we recommend devices.
A journalist who writes news has no idea what we are doing.
This year, at different times, several minor members entered the team. Just at different times throughout the year, various people were hired and fired, of whom there is no point to mention.
2016 May
At the annual conference Google I/O 2016 announced a platform for the development and analysis of applications. We had to re-do the application a little. We lost about a month, but further development for Android TV has become faster and more convenient.
2016 July
Advertising campaign in Belarus
We chose this country based on its size and price per action. We concluded that our client wants to earn with us, but does not intend to do anything. And we needed data for advertisers.
2016 November
Google Map API
We have learned to collect data not only where the device is located, but also what places it surrounds in order to further analyze the audience next to the device.
2017 January
New members
The participants' money slowly came to an end, but as it usually happens in the cinema, new members were immediately found and we continued developing without having to stop.
2017 May
Development of widgets
The amount of work is already growing non-linearly. It was necessary to take one developer for temporary work on creating widgets on the screen.
2017 September
AI hired
We learned how to collect public photos tied to places. We hired another employee in order to analyze these photos with the help of the AI. Also with the help of AI we decided to create a support service.
2017 October
Rinkeby test
We decided to create DAO on the Ethereum platform. We are testing the creation of the local currency DUST in the test network Rinkeby. The purpose of conducting a test ICO in the Rinkeby network is not only to check contract errors, but also to train active participants to work with Ether and tokens.
January 2018
Smart Contracts
Created and tested Token DUST (DST).
The Force (4TH) token that correspond of the company's shares was created and tested.
Created and tested in public, the ICO smart contract in the Rinkeby network.
March 2018
We have finished testing a simple version of the DAO contract. The DAO contract is our company's charter. For the time being, it has only the simplest functions, such as voting for the change of the DAO contract and the distribution of dividends.
May 2018
May the 4TH be with you.
We are preparing for the start of the first round of ICO. Many know that May the 4TH is the day of Star Wars. We are fans of this franchise and thus decided to celebrate this day. As we wrote earlier, the 4TH is the token that determines the stake in the company.

Frequently asked Questions

DialogFlow based AI is currently under development
How many screens do you have?
Please refer to the interactive map here - https://ads.dooh.xyz/
You don’t have any company registered in any country?
That’s right. With DAO we do not need any external regulation, as any relationships and obligations are coded in the script of Smart Contract. Revenue share, voting for new CEO, monthly distribution of ETH for salaries and whatever else – everything is described in the DAO.
Is your token has a fractional part?
We sell our tokens as indivisible units, which have no a fractional part.
If I have transferred some amount of ETH which is enough for let say 3.14 token, for example, then how many tokens will I get?
You will get 3 tokens and amount of ETH which corresponds to 0.14 of one token will remain on the smart contract account as not used. You can keep this ETH for the next round of the ICO or use recall function and get your ETH back.
Return my ETH is free of charge?
We charge 10% of ETH for recall in order to avoid gross speculations. In advance, you have to use some Gas for this transaction (It’s a general rule of Ethereum based contracts that Gas should be paid by the entity which had activated the function).
How many rounds of the ICO?
In total we plan to perform ten ICO rounds. In each round will be distributed 1% of the Company’s share
How can I vote as an investor?
Right in the interface of Ethereum Wallet there will be a special partition with the current questions and predefined answers. So, every shareholder can vote and decide which way the company will go.
How many percent should vote to make some changes?
If owners of 75% of shareholders voted, then decision considered as valid.
What is the minimum amount of votes for exact decision to be taken?
There will be validated a variant, which was selected by minimum 51% of the shares, among all shareholders who have participated in voting.
How can I sell my tokens?
You can find an Investor who is interested in our DOOH Ads project and sell your tokens directly for Bitcoin, ETH, any other currency or fiat money. Or you can sell it with the functionality of DAO as described here - Beyond the regular company
We are here
The Milky Way, the Solar System, the Earth, Ethereum Network